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The world is not short of data or software. GEOLYTIX turns data and code into something that helps your organisation make better decisions.

  • Network Strategy
    Since the day GEOLYTIX came into being, we have been telling our customers where to go. For example how many stores, who to acquire, where to open stores, what to sell in them and how to optimise home delivery and click & collect operations. We build close, on-going relationships with our customers and will become your trusted advisors.
  • Location Planning
    Our partners have all worked as Location Planners for major retailers. Over the years we have had experience in building models which solve key spatial business problems across the retail, banking, insurance and property industries. Whether you need to understand how much a new store will take, sales cannibalisation or how to optimise delivery routes to reduce road miles we can help.
  • Omnichannel Retailing
    GEOLYTIX believe many businesses are missing a trick by not better combining their demographic, spatial and customer data. Whether it’s loyalty card, online or mobile data we would love the opportunity to help you drive out more insight and get the right mix of Bricks and Clicks. Omni-channel retailing is resulting in more knowledgeable customers and it’s vital you understand them.
  • Spatial Targeting
    Spatial is different and so needs it's own toolbox. GEOLYTIX understand when a simple scorecard will suffice, or when a business will benefit from a customised gravity model. We’ll help you make the right decision, dependent on your industry and accuracy objectives. And we understand businesses don’t just need a model. GEOLYTIX will work with you to create a framework that will improve your processes & management reporting.

Case Studies

The best way to understand what we do is to read about how we’ve been helping our customers.

John Lewis Strategy Results Camelot Strategy Results On The Market Strategy Results Boots Strategy Results Total Fitness Strategy Results Asda Strategy Results

The objective was to improve the efficiency of the Catchment Strategy Review Process.

  • Our job was to focus on the process, rather than the modelling which John Lewis carry out in-house.
  • Automate all steps in the process – as few clicks as possible.
  • Include geodata to improve the system.
  • Allow multiple strategic scenarios to be carried out more quickly, including the addition of click and collect locations.

"The GEOLYTIX team were able to provide a bespoke solution that worked for us, rather than an off-the-shelf product. Simon went the extra mile and worked closely with us resulting in a significant improvement in efficiency, allowing multiple multi-channel strategy scenarios to be reviewed"

Michael Flood, Strategic Customer Analysis Manager

The objective was to predict future revenue potential from new lottery terminals, marketing activity and product innovations.

  • Understanding the behaviour of existing customers to build a model to predict the future.
  • Understand the effect of demographics and channel at a detailed level.
  • Develop on a platform that will provide in field analytics and mobile data capture, in order to futureproof processes and accuracy.

"GEOLYTIX have transformed our location planning capability and have been fundamental in supporting our goal of unlocking opportunities for growth, optimising our ever changing retail network and further influencing channel strategies. They have absolutely enabled us to make better decisions where location matters."

Paul Clarke, Retail Planning Manager

The objective was to support On The Market to deliver a web search tool that provides the right properties to view.

  • Provide town and suburb boundaries that reflect where people want to live.
  • Support in creating a search hierarchy that covers all options for users.
  • Provide an accurate Point of Interest dataset to describe the provision in an area e.g. schools, public transport, supermarkets.

"The GEOLYTIX team worked with us to understand our needs and provide accurate data that successfully reflects the areas where people want to search for property. Furthermore they supported our technical team with valuable advice, supporting us in delivering to tight timescales"

Morgan Ross, IT Director

The objective was to improve store forecasting accuracy and understand further sales potential across the UK.

  • Understanding how demographics drive customer spend.
  • Develop a store forecasting model – taking into account other Boots stores and the retail landscape.
  • On site for 6 months building with the analytical team.
  • In-depth review of recent openings.

"What we experienced surpassed our high expectations. Rather than trying to shoe-horn a pre-existing model to fit our requirements, GEOLYTIX worked with us to really understand our markets, shops, and customers until we all felt that the best solution had been reached. They have proved to be an excellent partner to us as we extend our portfolio planning capability."

Simon Prinn, Senior Retail Analytics Manager

The objective was to understand the size of the opportunity for new gym locations for Total Fitness.

  • Determining the best locations for the next Total Fitness gyms.
  • Understand the true customer profiles and catchments for specific location types.
  • Understand the size of the opportunity and how this affects market share and access to potential customers.

"The work by GEOLYTIX quickly allowed us to understand the potential for increasing our market share and how we could best achieve this. They have given us the insight to support our strategic decision making in order to push our business forward."

Richard Millman, CEO

The objective was a complete overhaul of new store forecasting processes and new space strategy.

  • Business Requirements & IT Systems Design Review.
  • Forecasting Models Development– User front end to drive efficiency.
  • Team coaching and mentoring.

“The data & modelling will drive an increase in our forecasting accuracy, bespoke software development makes us more efficient. Just as importantly, GEOLYTIX have mentored and up-skilled the team. The work we have done with GEOLYTIX has shaped our strategy and enabled us to reach a space growth plan we are confident about. GEOLYTIX are helping us to invest wisely.”

David Dodd, Market Strategy Manager


Where people live, work and shop; retail ranks and pitch, town boundaries, postal sectors, demographics, university boundaries. We create novel datasets using Open Data as inputs, to help with your network strategy and location based decisions. We also give back to the Open Data community by releasing open datasets such as Retail Points.

Retail Points
Seamless Locales
Retail Places
Public Transport
Postal Geometries
Town and Suburb
Points of Interest
UK Admin
Road Network

Over 10,000 supermarket roof-top locations and addresses. Retailers include Aldi, Asda, Booths, Budgens, Co-op, Costco, Lidl, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Wholefoods. Please download for free and use this data openly.

Download a zip archive containing the latest version of our Open Retail Points data pack.

100% Seamless UK definitions of natural markets at 4 levels, local, towns, district and region. Close match to true ‘markets’ at multiple scales.

More than 20k scored, profiled and named polygons detailing where people shop in the UK, and catchment area demographics. Ideal for locating new sites and understanding micro location performance.

Download a sub-set of four hundred centres; scored, profiled and named polygons detailing where people shop in the UK. Note that the Open version requires attribution of the Ordnance Survey, Royal Mail, and GEOLYTIX.

Precise access points to all public transport including detailed volume data. Perfect for accessibility studies and modelling on-street pedestrian volume.

High resolution postal boundaries combining exceptional ‘enclosure’ accuracy with boundaries that follow real-world features.

Download a zip archive containing 9,232 geographic postal sector boundaries covering Great Britain as of October 2012. Released under the same terms as the OS OpenData license with the single addition of GEOLYTIX to the attribution list.

A precise and intuitive set of 30,000 named ‘places’ across the UK richly attributed with data. Ideal base for UK wide profiling and benchmarking.

All University buildings & entrances digitised and attributed, with student counts. All primary and secondary schools both private and state. Includes school roll data, exam results and pupil demographics. Includes official codes for onward linking.

Up to date worker counts for more than 400,000 commercial postcodes across the UK. Split by type of occupation for a deeper understanding of who works where.

A collection of points of interest across the UK including healthcare locations, law and order sites along with sport & leisure facilities, car parks, cinemas and service areas.

Data relating to residential and population, current and forecasted figures.

All UK’s administrative boundaries in a consistent package. Includes all police, health, fire, EU zones, regions, constituencies, wards and statistical geographies. The core framework which all national statistics are published within.

Download a collection of 197 variables as Output Area (OA) level. English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish Census data processed into a single easy-to-use flat file. We have released free-of-charge and under the same license terms as the census.

Routable Link/Node data with link-level mid-afternoon speeds based on Highways agency probe data and sophisticated speed model; painlessly integrates into multiple routing software tools.

A spatial dataset of broadcasting regions, broadband speeds by postcode, Wi-Fi hotspots by postcode and radio coverage.

High resolution coastlines, hydrology, contours and summits. Key input to classic outdoor maps.

Yes, our aim is to keep licensing simple and transparent. All prices shown are for an annual right to use. This includes full corporate use with no restrictions on user numbers. The prices shown are for internal business use only. If you would like to use the data in a website or in a commercial product we’d be delighted to discuss options so please get in touch.
We provide our data in all formats commonly used by desktop GIS, spatial databases and web mapping applications. We’re more than happy to discuss, whatever your software requirements are. Then please get in touch. We’d be delighted to pay a visit and take you through the data with examples of the benefits and how it can be used.
Every pack is updated at least annually, with some packs updated every quarter. Ask for more details. Please get in touch, we can send you the data asap and provide payment details.
Yes of course, please get in touch and we will send the same day. We can send a link to download, memory stick or DVD.
These are the most popular plans for full corporate use with no restrictions on user number or user cases.


We have over 50 years experience in the geospatial industry, both as consultants and as customers at some of the largest retailers. We understand the likely challenges you will face.

  • Blair Freebairn
    Chief Executive
    Blair has built gravity models for 10 of the 15 largest retailers the last 20 years. Previously head of analytics at MapInfo UK, in September 2011 he took the plunge, and set up his own business focused on helping businesses solve problems where location matters – GEOLYTIX was born.
  • Sarah Hitchcock
    Chief Operating Officer
    Sarah started her career at Boots working on ground-breaking customer analysis following the launch of Advantage Card. Prior to GEOLYTIX, Sarah led the Network Planning team at Sainsbury's during an exciting period when space growth and her team's ambitious strategy was a key driver of Sainsbury's success.
  • Neil Farricker
    Director of Data Science
    Neil has built models for retailers, banking & insurers over the last 8 years - 2 years at GEOLYTIX and previously at Pitney Bowes Mapinfo. He started out at the Co-op where he spent 5 years overhauling their modelling and processes.
  • Samantha Colebatch
    Commercial Director
    For 15 years Samantha has shaped the new space expansion of major retailers in the UK and Australia. After supporting Coles Myer through major multi-format new space development Samantha moved to Sainsbury’s and led their strategy for network expansion. As the industry looked for other avenues of growth Samantha took a lead role in transforming Sainsbury’s non-food operation.
  • Simon Dixon
    Technical Director
    Simon has delivered GIS based solutions and customer friendly user interfaces for many FTSE 100 retailers, local authorities, police forces and transport consultants. Previously worked as Technical Manager at Sainsbury's, supporting Network Planning, providing others with the tools and information they need to do their jobs.
  • Louise Cross
    Data Scientist
    Louise is a geographer specialising in GIS and has a passion for Open Data. Her first role at GEOLYTIX was supporting a major UK retailer with an overhaul of their site forecasting systems, data and methodology. Lou manages our GeoData range, creating innovative new data products.
  • Christoph Mülligann
    Data Scientist
    Christoph has an education in Geoinformatics from the University of Munster, Germany. Having worked at on-geo in Dortmund creating a flagship website for property valuation, he is an expert in programming for the web. At GEOLYTIX Christoph writes code that crunches big data sets for our spatial models and GeoData range.
  • Jasmin Fitzpatrick
    Jasmin, a geographer from Leeds University joins us from Colliers International UK where she managed the GIS and mapping function, delivering spatial solutions to help a wide range of clients with strategic network decisions. Jasmin will help to support our customers and deliver projects.
  • Dennis Bauszus
    Web Solutions Engineer
    Dennis has previously worked as a project manager for Cadcorp and joins GEOLYTIX as a web developer from Argeomatica in Mexico City. His 20 years of professional experience in the spatial information sector have seen many transitions; From field work and paper maps to digital, from desktop to cloud, and most recently from proprietary to open source technologies.