We create novel datasets using Open Data as inputs, to help with your network strategy and location based decisions.

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Retail Points

Over 10,000 supermarket roof-top locations and addresses. Retailers include Aldi, Asda, Booths, Budgens, Co-op, Costco, Lidl, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Wholefoods. Read about it on our blog.


Open Census Pack

A collection of 197 Output Area (OA) level English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish Census data processed into a single easy-to-use flat file. We have released free-of-charge and under the same license terms as the census. Read about it on our blog.


Retail Places Open

A sub-set of four hundred centres; scored, profiled and named polygons detailing where people shop in the UK. Note that the Open version requires attribution of the Ordnance Survey, Royal Mail, and GeoLytix. Read about it on our blog.


Postal Boundaries Open 2012

9,232 geographic postal sector boundaries covering Great Britain as of October 2012. Released under the same terms as the OS OpenData license with the single addition of GeoLytix to the attribution list. Charged for dataset updated quarterly. Read about it on our blog.


Retail Places

Twenty thousand scored, profiled and named polygons detailing where people shop in the UK, and catchment area demographics. Read about it on our blog.

Retail Places Pitch Score

Pitch Scores by a 10m grid for the top 2,100 retail centres. Ideal for locating new sites and understanding micro location performance. Read about it on our blog.

Town and Suburb Boundaries

A precise and intuitive set of 30,000 named ‘places’ across the UK richly attributed with data. Ideal base for UK wide profiling and benchmarking. Read about it on our blog.

Seamless Localities

100% Seamless UK definitions of natural markets at 4 levels, local, towns, district and region. Close match to true ‘markets’ at multiple scales.

Postal Sector Boundaries

High resolution postal boundaries combining exceptional ‘enclosure’ accuracy with boundaries that follow real-world features.

Admin Boundaries

All UK’s administrative boundaries in a consistent package. Includes all police, health, fire, EU zones, regions, constituencies, wards and statistical geographies. The core framework which all national statistics are published within.

Physical Geography

High resolution coastlines, hydrology, contours and summits. Key input to classic outdoor maps.

Public Transport

Precise access points to all public transport including detailed volume data. Perfect for accessibility studies and modelling on-street pedestrian volume.


All housing transactions since 1995 including address, value and classifications. A continually growing source of local area insight. Plus all 500K listed properties across the UK.


All University buildings & entrances digitised and attributed, with student counts. All primary and secondary schools both private and state. Includes school roll data, exam results and pupil demographics. Includes official codes for onward linking. Read about it on our blog.

Health and Safety

GP Surgeries, pharmacies and Hospitals. Includes practice size and linkable to detailed prescribing data. Police stations, courts and prisons. Point level crime data.


Car Parks with capacity and charges, Sport Stadia, Places of Worship, Garages, Cinemas, Leisure facilities, Parks.

Media and Communications

BARB regions. Radio station and Local Newspaper coverage, Broadband speeds and Mobile Strength.

Road Networks

Routable Link/Node data with link-level mid-afternoon speeds based on Highways agency probe data and sophisticated speed model; painlessly integrates into multiple routing software tools.

Road POI

Ten years of road volumes, up to date major road speeds by link and time of day, and 500,000 traffic accident records; all reconciled to the same single routable road network. Includes accident point data. Motorway junctions and service areas. Named roundabouts and road name points


Wonderfully detailed vector data for UK, styled, cleaned, processed and ready to go. Stunning high resolution vector background mapping. Also includes all Raster tiles.


Core 2001 and 2011 Census data at a hybrid level zone aligning worker zones and OAs. Income and wealth estimates. Life-stage, ethnicity, health. Geo-demographic codes and household characteristics.

Demand Estimates

Top level spend on comparison and convenience goods in store, online and from work; plus six demand layers customised to current market needs.

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These are the most popular plans. If you don’t want any of those, move the slider in the section below to see alternatives.

  • Any three data packs

    £8,000 / year
  • Any six data packs

    £14,000 / year
  • Have them all

    £25,000 / year
9 data packs

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£20,000 per year

These prices are for full corporate use with no restrictions on user numbers or use-cases.


  • Is the data I purchase licensed?

    Yes, our aim is to keep licensing simple and transparent. All prices shown are for an annual right to use. This includes full corporate use with no restrictions on user numbers.

  • Can I publish the data?

    The prices shown are for internal business use only. If you would like to use the data in a website or in a commercial product we’d be delighted to discuss options so please get in touch.

  • What software can the data be used in?

    We provide our data in all formats commonly used by desktop GIS, spatial databases and web mapping applications. We’re more than happy to discuss, whatever your software requirements are.

  • I can’t tell if the data is what I need?

    Then please get in touch. We’d be delighted to pay a visit and take you through the data with examples of the benefits and how it can be used.

  • How often is the data updated?

    Every pack is updated at least annually, with some packs updated every quarter. Ask for more details.

  • I’m interested, how do I buy?

    Please get in touch, we can send you the data asap and provide payment details.

  • Can I see a user guide / documentation?

    Yes of course, please get in touch and we will send the same day.

  • How does the data arrive?

    We can send a link to download, memory stick or DVD.

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