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Unveiling SLA China (Society for Location Analysis, China)

Twenty-four previous, current, future location planners from around the globe gathered on Wednesday 11th Sept 2019 in Xin Tian Di, Shanghai, and unveiled our own new communities – Society for Location Analysis, China.

12th September 2019

Location Analysis is probably a cool but niche sector among the professional world. “There aren’t so many of us on the planet, not like accountants, lawyers, architectures, etc.” Some of us might have known each other for over 15 years, but later we are dispersed to different industries, different roles, and hadn’t met ever since then… Today, we are together!

The majority of us are still doing things deeply related with location analysis. As like every industry today, we face various challenges and opportunities in our daily work, not just the disruption as well as excitement brought by technology, but also issues such as limited budget and expectation to be managed with our internal and external clients and concerns about the future of our profession.

Apart from knowledge and experience sharing by guest speakers, we also had hot discussions and debates. I felt the discussions could continue for two days or more…

It was such a wonderful afternoon. Since this is a working day, there are some old friends who couldn’t join the sessions but are eager to see the presentation and photos. For further interest to know more, SLA members could refer to the slides to be shared next week on SLA website.

Look forward to our next gathering soon!

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