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A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

Ever wondered what the life of a Data Scientist is like at Geolytix is like? Read more to find out...

10th May 2022

I was recently asked to write a blog on 'a day in the life of a GEOLYTIX Data Scientist', and while every day here is different, I thought I'd use last Thursday as my example...

I went into our office in Exmouth Market, London. We've recently been re-decorating, and this week two huge prints of some maps I had made for Sarah had arrived. They showed off the UK and South Korean traffic volume data, two products I'd helped build. It was so exciting to see your work displayed like that, now they're just waiting to be hung on the wall!

Later that morning we had our weekly team meeting, where everyone available dials in and each week a different colleague chairs a thirty minute discussion about a variety of topics; usually updates from recently delivered projects or the latest in our MAPP or data product development.

Straight after this I joined our twice weekly Mobility Team check-in. These sessions bring together a couple of Data Scientists and members from the Data Product and Business Development teams and we discuss all things mobility data. This data source has quickly become an important component to a number of our products and processes (and the main focus of my recent work), so it's important we keep across everything going on. We discussed the progress I'd been making on a new mobility product we've been designing, and I got some encouraging feedback.

After this my meetings for the day were done, so I could focus on improving the new data product - after grabbing some lunch from the excellent food market just next to the office!

For the rest of the day I was working in SQL and Python to refine the methodology of this new product. After addressing the feedback from the team, I began documenting what I had done and what had changed in a few slides we can circulate to our Location Planners and other Business Development colleagues. It's important that we keep them in the loop and can collect their ongoing feedback, and any other insight that they have gleaned from our clients challenges and expectations, to make sure our work is always relevant and the best it can be.

At the end of the day, the few of us left in the office headed to one of our excellent locals for a pint, and to unwind and catch up on life outside the office. Not all days are the same at GEOLYTIX, but I think last Thursday was a pretty good one 😊

Chris Storey, Data Scientist at Geolytix

Source: Frank Chamaki via Unsplash

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