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Blair sat down with Steve of GEOMOB to talk about all things GeoInnovation. Scroll down to listen to the podcast..

15th February 2022

I sat down with Steve of GEOMOB to talk about all things GeoInnovation - you can scroll down to listen to the podcast.

We spoke about founding and growing Geolytix from a team of 1 to 40 employees in ten years, the pros and cons of open data/open source, and just how the industry has changed in the 15 years since Steve and I worked together at MapInfo.

Old friends are irreplaceable. It was a pleasure to shoot the breeze with Steve; an ex-colleague, mentor and friend. Please forgive the errs and ums, this was a totally unscripted chance to explain a bit about the journey we are on at Geolytix.

We are growing like crazy, and if you would like to be part of our team that is ‘the best in the world’ do please get in touch.

Blair Freebairn, CEO at Geolytix

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