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UKBIA22 Awards Winner

14th February 2022

Last week we virtually attended the UK Business & Innovation Awards, with our fingers and toes crossed ready for the results.

We are thrilled to have won two fantastic awards - the UK Customer's Choice Award and Customer Experience, the latter for our online mapping application MAPP. We cannot thank our clients or our team enough as without them, we wouldn't be where we are today (as cliched as that sounds!)

Customer Experience

One of the judges commented that MAPP is "such an excellent piece of tech you and the team have built" and this really hit home what we are trying to achieve - building a customisable, online tool that is easy to use by everyone, not just those with a background in GIS.

"Despite only being a small, yet perfectly formed team, we have kept innovation at the forefront of our product development to allow us to build something that no one else offers. Our success is a result of our people and truly listening to our customers, whilst ensuring we work with the latest technology to build solutions which not only work, but work at lightening speed."

Jasmin Fitzpatrick, MAPP Product Owner

Customer's Choice Award

Our second award was all thanks to our customers.

"It was a fantastic surprise to win the Customer Choice Award, and to know that our customers had taken the time to register and vote for us. Geolytix is built on its people and relationships with our wonderful customers, who we love working with every day. This moment made us truly happy and we are so lucky that our customers continue to make Geolytix a great place to work. A heartfelt thank you to them all."

Sarah Hitchcock, COO

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